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About Us

Ms. Carol’s GYMKIDS – About Us


Mission: To develop happy, healthy, responsible, fit kids.

A lot of the lessons learned, at Ms Carol’s gym, have less to do with gymnastics and more to do with self-confidence; a strong sense of self-worth; learning that they can face a challenge and succeed; in addition to the ability to overcome obstacles and realize that they are stronger, braver and more capable than they had ever imagined!

Ms. Carol’s continued passions in fitness is credited to a goal-driven training program, which is why she is so passionate on her continued effort to help children reach their fullest potential, reach goals and have fun along the way.

Our teaching encourages and looks for success in each individual. We strive for achieving our own personal best and encourage “teamwork”! Our only hope is that your child will have a very fun & positive experience here!

Our goal is to keep our program safe. To aid in this attempt, and to keep the experiences here a positive one, we have set some rules that must be followed. I hope that we can work together in guiding the children in understanding that following rules leads to success!

Drop-off/Pick-up instructions:

Parents may drop-off their child, but please be prompt on pickup time!

Be sure your child arrives 5 minutes prior to class time. If your child receives a late pass, we ask that you sign it and return it to us with an explanation. If your child receives 3 late passes, within a short period of time, your child will be asked to reschedule this third class for another day (this make-up must be made within a 2-week period).

What to wear for classes:

We prefer biketards. If you wear a leotard, then we suggest sophies (shorts) as well.

Hair requirements:

Hair is to be worn back away from the eyes (regardless of length).


Spring boards

Low and high beams

Parallel bars

Floor mats

Landing blocks and crash mats

Training aids