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Hip Hop

Dance Class

Ms. Carol’s GYMKIDS – Hip Hop

Our Hip-Hop (All Styles) class focuses on a variety of hip-hop dance styles to give our students a well rounded education on hip-hop dance.
We will educate you on the various styles of hip hop.  For example: popping, locking, or the flow, etc.   You will learn how to dance and how to follow instruction, gain coordination and  rhythm and learn how to dance in front of others!
Classes are created for the beginner to intermediate student.  By the end of class you will FEEL like a hip hop dancer, even if you have no experience in hip hop dancing.  We have a progressive program in which you will be taught new original choreography to a song with a great beat and build on it over the weeks.
So, for those of you who ever wanted to learn how to dance hip hop, but felt hesitant due to shyness or lack of confidence, this is the class for you! Leave your inhibitions at home and bring your two left feet to our friendly teacher & dancer.  Your friends will be surprised when they see you hit the dance floor!