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Classes We Offer

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We are a non-competitive gymnastic school. We do, however, teach the USAG compulsory routines (that are taught in the competitive gyms). Therefore, if your child has the desire & passion to further her gymnastic goals and has a desire to compete, then all the skills learned can be used to reach that goal.

The Levels 1- 5, are Compulsory levels that require all gymnasts to perform the same routine, and are judged according to a model of perfect execution and presentation. Level 6 has compulsory elements to be performed, however the Coaches determine choreography of the routines.

The uniqueness of our gymnastic school is that we are performance – based versus competition.. Our performances serve as a goal for the children to reach, along with all the benefits that go along with performing to an audience.

The two big performances that we have every year is our Christmas Show performance as well as our June Recital.

Throughout the year, some of our other performances include in-house mini-meets which model the competitive gym’s meets. Every gymnast is awarded a “winning ribbon”. Other performances include the performances in the Wells Fargo Arena for the ASU Women’s Gymnastic Team, performances for the pre-game at the US Airways Center for the Phoenix Suns, participating in the Gilbert Days Parade and many other opportunities that come up throughout the year.

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Our goal is to teach the fundamentals of dance and allow for inner expression and creativity to be expressed.

Performance Dance

We offer 30-minute seasonal “Dance4Performance” classes for two or three months prior to a performance date.

This dance class is to teach the children the gymnastic dance that they will perform in our Christmas Show (in December) and our Recital (in June) and any other stage performances that we will participate in.

Beginner Dance

Beginner dance classes will introduce your child to the joy of movement. This class is a combo class of Ballet and Jazz. The Webster Dictionary describes dance as an act of stepping or moving through a series of movements usually in time to music. The music for ballet has a lot of piano instrumentals and a slower calming sound to the music. The music chosen for jazz is very upbeat, uplifting and fun and just makes you want to move!

Ballet & Jazz

Ballet & Jazz combination dance classes will introduce your child to the grace, balance and technique in ballet and the joy and fun of dance in jazz.  The Webster Dictionary describes dance as an act of stepping or moving through a series of movements usually in time to music.  The music for ballet has a lot of piano instrumentals and a slower calming sound to the music.  The music chosen for jazz is very upbeat, uplifting and fun and just makes you want to move!

Pom Dance

What is Pom Dance?  Pom dance teaches the girls all the latest dance moves! The“metallic gold poms“ add so much more fun to the moves, while you are learning a hip hop dance to the latest tunes!

What is Spiritline? Spiritline is a combination of cheer and pom squads that promote CROWD INTERACTION and school spirit through cheering at sport events as well as school assemblies and other school events or athletic competitions.

Sing and Dance

There are so many fun songs, to sing along with, on the radio!  Our teachers will teach you how to strengthen your range, help you pronounce your vowels, teach you breathing techniques and so much more!  You will learn how to sing into the mic, how to entertain and be confident in your delivery.


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Children make judgments about their motor skill abilities at an early age, which may affect their willingness to take on new physical challenges as they get older. Structured & repetitive physical activities can improve a child’s self-control, memory, and strategic decision-making ability. Early participation in structured group activities that allow children to cultivate skills such as teamwork, and emotional regulation, can help children more effectively take on leadership roles in childhood and later life.

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Ms. Carol’s Gymkids first formed the Cheer Team in 2015.  “GYMKIDS POWER CHEER” attended the first USASF Cheer Competition in April 2015.  We are proud to announce that we received the Grand Canyon State Championship award at our very first performance!


Are you getting ready for your cheer tryouts at your school? Our clinics can help prepare you for what you need to know. We can help you with your jumps, back handsprings, tumbling, etc.   We offer back handspring clinics on the last Saturday of every month.  CALL US to get information on the date & time.


Cheer teams who are looking for a gym, to work on tumbling skills, can give us a call and schedule your practice days & times.

(480) 777-1033

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OPEN GYM (non-instructional) 90 MINUTES




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Call (480) 777-1033 or e-mail us at MsCarolsGymkids@aol.com to schedule your party with us!  Please contact us to book your party for available dates and times.


Your child’s birthday party will have a blast on our trampolines, bars, wedges and more!! If you choose, our staff can guide the party guests through organized games and obstacle courses incorporating fun and fitness or you can have free play for the entire hour! During this time the gym is reserved exclusively for your birthday party based on day, time and availability. Sit back and enjoy watching the children have a blast!  The next 45 minutes will be spent in our private party room for cake & presents.  Please call or e-mail us to get more info regarding the packages we offer!

Party Themes

You are welcome to choose your own theme for your child’s party and decorate the room the way that you like.  Or, if you prefer, we can provide our standard tablecloths, plates, plasticware, cups, and napkins that are available.

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