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& Jazz

Ms. Carol’s GYMKIDS – Ballet & Jazz


Ballet & Jazz

Ballet & Jazz combination dance classes will introduce your child to the grace, balance and technique in ballet and the joy and fun of dance in jazz.  The Webster Dictionary describes dance as an act of stepping or moving through a series of movements usually in time to music.  The music for ballet has a lot of piano instrumentals and a slower calming sound to the music.  The music chosen for jazz is very upbeat, uplifting and fun and just makes you want to move!

Performance-Based Recreation

Our dance studio is a performance-based recreational program. We offer in-house performances (in our dance studio) approximately every 2 months. The performances are FREE to attend. We have several dance programs to choose from for the kids dance classes. We have grouped the performers, which attend classes in our dance studio, into our PERFORMING STARS program.

The PERFORMING STARS consists of

Be sure to tell your friends about this great opportunity for learning dance and performing dance. Be the “star you are” and sign up today!