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Ms. Carol’s GYMKIDS – Gymnastics


The sport of gymnastics brings to life the love of movement and motion. The goal of our gym is to safely encourage, motivate, inspire, support and teach our students to achieve their personal best! We want our students to build upon and sharpen their knowledge of gymnastic skills.

Performing gymnastics is a great expression of athletic ability and is exhibited with such beautiful artistry.

You can easily observe the physical benefits of gymnastics for your kids, but did you know that gymnastics can help improve your child academically as well? There are many studies & articles that explains how the physical skills of gymnastics leads to mental sharpness as well as improving brain efficiency. If you talk with many moms or dads, with a child in gymnastics, you will often hear them talk about how they have noticed that their child’s concentration & focus had developed. You will often hear how their attitude & mind changed and they start getting better grades. The bilateral activities of gymnastics and coordinated movement patterns appear to create efficiency in the brain. Additionally, gymnastics can improve a child’s social skills along with improvement in confidence and self-esteem.

There are many components to develop skill and enhance abilities in gymnastics such as technique, flexibility, strength, balance, power, etc. Gymnastics training begins with fundamentals and “basics”, with repetition, in the early stages and lower levels of skill. With time and commitment, many of the components of training begins to develop and the progressions of skills develop as a result.

Students will learn compulsory routines. The class levels are grouped based on your child’s skill level and age.

Students who are ages 7 & up and have a skill level of 1 – 3 in the USAG compulsory routines would be placed in a beginner/intermediate class.

Students with a skill level of 3 – 6 in the USAG compulsory routines would be placed in an intermediate/ advanced class.