Ms. Carol’s GYMKIDS – Performances

A Performance-Based Gymnastic School!

The uniqueness of our gymnastic school is that we are performance – based. Our performances serve as a goal for the children to reach, along with all the benefits that go along with performing to an audience. Below are some examples of our past performances.

ASU Women’s Gymnastic Performance

We schedule this performance during the competing season for the Women’s ASU Gymnastic Meets at the Wells Fargo Arena.

AZ State Fair

Stage performances.

Gilbert Day’s Parade

The children begin the parade in our trailer, that is decorated with signs and balloons.  After the first block, the children get out onto the street for some street performances with cartwheels, kicks and more to “wow” the crowds and adoring fans!  So much fun!

Phoenix Sun’s Performance

Our performers enjoyed the excitement of this performance and the parents were so proud!

June Recital

Our talented performers enjoy this opportunity to show off the skills they worked so hard for!

Christmas Show

Our Christmas Show performances are a wonderful time to bring families together and celebrate the reason for the season!